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What is Crypto Surprise?

Crypto Surprise is a game of surprises. There are many different types of Surprise Bags you can own. Each time you buy a Surprise Bag, its price rises. If someone snatches it from you, you get rewarded the profit.

You like Surprises?

Then you will love this game. All Surprise Bags are unique and contain different items. Once you own a Surprise Bag, you are the ONLY one in the world who can see the item inside. If anyone else wants to take a look, they must buy the Surprise Bag off you. You earn a bonus, and you can buy the Surprise Bag back. Each time, a new item could await inside!

Get Started!

Getting started is simple. You need a web browser (like Chrome or FireFox), the MetaMask wallet, and some Ether. Read more about MetaMask here. We have a nice community over at Discord, join us for a chat.